Come Visit Our Farm Store!

Welcome to Our Farm

We are always excited to have guests to our farm. In order to serve our customers the best experience possible we are underway in building an awesome farm store experience. Today, our “store” is little more than a few freezers in the barn but in the months to come our hope is that we will provide a space where our customers can not only come to pick up their fresh meat and produce but also meet us and truly get to know their farmers.

So, come on out, we’d love to meet you and share how we raise the incredible food products in a regenerative, organic, sustainable way that will benefit the animals, the land, and you. We are open weekly but it is always good to phone us to make sure we are not making a feed run, working on the backside of the farm, or taking a much awaited getaway for the day. You can reach us by phone at 615-714-4784.

Location: 1086 Peck Hollow Road, Somerville, AL 35670
Open Tuesday – Saturday
Hours: 9AM – 3PM CST