Alabama, We Got A Problem

We’ve been thinking. Which is extremely dangerous, I know. But think about this:

  1. America loses approximately 2,000,000 acres per year to commercialization.
  2. The average age of the American farmer is 57.5 years old.
  3. Older, retiring farmers are outpacing beginner farmers by 30%.
  4. Alabama is losing, on average, about 400 farms per year.
  5. By 2050 the American farmer will have to produce 70% more food to feed the population.
  6. Of all the crops being grown in America, less than 50% is consumed by us. The remainder goes for livestock feed and biofuels.

It is our opinion, without the small local farming community, food security will reach a critical state within the next 15 years (perhaps sooner).  The statistics provided above are non refutable. And when taken in totality, it does not bode well for the American consumer. We have chosen to jump into the fray and begin, in small part, contributing to what we believe is the solution. A local family providing agricultural product to our community for a sustainable, healthy food source. To do your part, we ask you support your local farmer (like us!) by purchasing local produce and meats. Remember, once your local farmer is gone, he/she is gone – for good. And you can imagine what that equates to – your quality food source is also gone.

Our Farming Practices

Do you know where your food comes from? If you don’t, you should! There is immense value in knowing those whose raise and produce your food. We have a passion to provide you with a quality product at a fair price that you can trust. After all, the product we deliver affects you and your family and our desire is to see you have a healthy choice in what you consume.

Here is what we know about our farm and the products we offer you:

  1. A belief that we are experiencing a major food crisis. 
  2. We have a farm model that can help drive the community based agricultural solution and fix this crisis. 
  3. A vision of raising the best meat in the world produced in North Alabama.

Our farming practices support our beliefs and drive home our values with action. We walk the walk.

  • We treat all animals in our care with respect and dignity.
  • We do not feed, inject, or subject our animals to any hormones, steroids, or harmful chemicals.
  • Our poultry is supplemented with non-GMO, corn-free, and soy-free feed.
  • We do not use any artificial fertilizers or harmful chemicals on our fields.
  • We rotate our poultry twice daily to offer up a fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes, and bugs.
  • We maintain a stress-free environment for our animals from the day they arrive.
  • We approach the harvesting process with reverence and solemn duty to provide you with a premium product.
  • We maintain a manageable ratio of animals to acreage as to not overwhelm either’s best interest.
  • We always have our family and customers in mind when producing our products. If we won’t eat it we won’t offer it to you.
  • Good is the enemy of great. We are always looking to improve our processes and methodologies to offer a world-class customer service experience for our customers.

Our Values

A core set of values form the foundation of any good company. Our values guide our everyday decision-making, how we interact with our farm, our animals, and our customers. We hope these values resonate with you as a part of our The Little Orchard Farm family.

  1. Good Health is Fundamental – A healthy body is critical to living your best life. We started The Little Orchard Farm from our collective desire to address various health issues surfacing in our friends and family members. ‘You are what you eat,’ the saying goes and we knew that to obtain optimal health and well being, we had to drastically clean up our diets. Our pasture-raised, beyond organic, GMO/chemical/hormone/soy-free products are a result of our quest for the most wholesome foods and we couldn’t be happier with the direct effects it has had on our health.
  2. You Deserve Unrivaled Quality – A quality product starts on the farm, but extends to everything that comes in contact with it. This applies to our customers, our animals and our land. The Little Orchard Farm is premium in every sense of the word and has been from the very start. We pledge full customer transparency, the utmost in animal husbandry practices and diligent stewardship of our land and natural resources.
    1. Customers – We pledge the absolute highest level of customer service. If you have a question, we’ll answer it. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. As a Little Orchard Farm customer, you’re like a member of our own family and will be treated as such at every interaction.
    2. Animals – We pride ourselves on the highest standards of animal welfare. Our animals have constant access to the outdoors, to healthy feed and to caring humans. Our animal husbandry practices aim to mimic natural processes and include rotational grazing, all-natural feed, chemical-free pastures and nonstop fresh air and sunshine.
    3. Land – The Little Orchard Farm works in balance with nature, maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the land and the resources upon which we depend. Healthy soil, waterways and air quality are fundamental to our operations and we intend to do our part to keep these resources in their cleanest state. After all, if our land isn’t healthy, our animals can’t be, either.
  3. Knowing Your Farmer Matters – Our customers are entitled to know what’s in their food, how it’s raised and who raised it. At The Little Orchard Farm, we ensure transparency of our day-to-day operations in many ways, including inviting customers onto the farm to see where and how we work. We want you to get to know the people and places behind your food and expect customers to ask questions and hold us accountable. If something you see, hear or read leaves you scratching your head, we’re here to talk.
  4. Access is Everything – Quality, healthy, sustainably grown food products should be available to everyone. By shopping on our online store, you are guaranteed premium, regenerative products delivered fresh to you. Not only are our products just a click away, so is our team. Connect with us by phone or email. The access points are many and we hope they provide you with an opportunity to learn more about our community farming operation.
Cornish Cross hen

It is important to know the farmers raising your food. Why? As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, and the hands that participate in that process are a huge part of that effort. So, knowing the farmer is piece of mind that your food is raised with integrity. Wholesome, ethically raised, nutrient dense food the way God intended – all natural.