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Turkey is a traditional food at fall and winter holiday meals, and you can enjoy this favorite meat straight from the pasture from The Little Orchard Farm. Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are similar in size and shape to a supermarket-purchased turkey, but the similarities end right there!

You are purchasing a turkey raised outdoors on pasture and moved frequently, which provides a diet enriched by grasses, fresh air, adequate exercise and sunlight. Our bronze feathered turkeys free-range on fresh green grass or clover pastures supplemented with wholesome grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey. This results in a bird that is great for you and the guests around the table. Treat yourself this Thanksgiving to one of the most flavorful, succulent turkeys you have ever tasted.

NOTE: Our available turkeys weight between 18-21lbs. 

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We are so excited to be raising our first batch of Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys this year. They are beautiful, big birds and known for their incredibly tender and succulent meat.  They were the standard bearer selection of holiday turkey prior to the commercial push for white turkeys.  Now, you have an opportunity to pre-order one for you and your family – just in time for Thanksgiving!    Treat yourself this year to the best, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the flavorful taste of a premium Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey for the holidays this year!


ALL turkeys include the giblets inside the turkey in a wrapped butcher paper package.  This includes the heart, liver, neck, and peeled gizzard.  *PLEASE REMOVE BEFORE ROASTING*


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