Let's Get the Word Out!

We believe your words are the most powerful form of community outreach we can have.

First, let us take the opportunity to thank you for your recent purchase. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with a farm raised or farm created product. We are truly thankful. We are hopeful and confident your experience with our family farm has been a pleasant one. And we want to hear about it.

Word of mouth is very powerful and the experience you have in doing business with our farm can be instrumental in our success.  Through your testimony, you can help us reach folks searching for wholesome poultry, wonderfully crafted artisan products, and farm created decor.

Our ask is really quite simple: write a review of your experience with The Little Orchard Farm.  It doesn’t have to be long, just authentic. We want your honest opinion of how we performed. How our product was for you. How our customer service was for you. Would you recommend us to family and friends? People want to know! Not only will potential customers view your review and take note of it, so will we. We want to be the best little farm in North Alabama so we take your feedback very seriously.

We have provided a couple of places below where you can leave us a review and welcome you to use one or all of them (the more the merrier!). Along with your review, we invite you to also join us on social media to connect and celebrate supporting local businesses and Alabama agriculture.

If your experience with us did not live up to your expectation we ask that you please give us an opportunity to make it right before leaving us a less than 5-star review. Just as a positive review has incredible power to influence our neighbors and bring a positive outcome to our farm, a negative review can certainly be devastating to us in  more ways than a less than perfect transaction between the two of us. We want to earn your business and a reputation for treating our customers with respect, providing excellent product, and superior customer service. Thank you for the consideration. 


Follow us on Instagram, post a creative photo with one of our products and tag us @thelittleorchardfarm. This is one of our best ways for recognizing you and showing our appreciation for your support.



To leave a comment on your experience with us on Facebook visit www.facebook.com/thelittleorchardfarm and click on the Reviews tab.
Be sure to click on the Like and Follow Us as well to help us build our following and get recommended to others in the area.
On the Reviews tab you will be asked if you’d recommend The Little Orchard Farm. Once you say Yes (hopefully!) you’ll be provided a box to write your review.


Product Review

To leave a product review visit the product page of the item you purchased on our website. You can quickly jump to the product catalog with this link: SHOP CATALOG.
Once you find your product click to view the detail page.
Toward the bottom of the page you will see the Review tab.
Click on the tab and add a new review.
Note: To leave a review you must have an account with us, be logged in, and have a purchase history for the product to post your comments.


Google Review (This is a BIG ONE!)

To drop us a review on Google visit google.com and search for “The Little Orchard Farm”.
Under the card on the right there is a Reviews section about half way down the page.
Click on the “Write a review” button.

*If we were to recommend just one review spot, this would be it. It is simple to navigate and quick to leave a nice review. 

A Final Thought

One final thought. As we mentioned at the very onset, we wholeheartedly believe word of mouth is the most powerful tool for community engagement and reputation qualification there is. People trust neighborly folks and put stock in what you are telling them. So, the next time you get a chance to throw us a bone with some of your friends and family, it would be greatly appreciated. We can only do what we do if folks like you know about us and buy from us. Otherwise, like 400 farms in the state of Alabama did last year alone, we will go by the wayside. Thank you for taking the time to help us and we hope you have a blessed day and will visit us again in the real near future. Cheers!

Brian & Karen Killen
The Little Orchard Farm