Meet the Killen Family

Our Vision

We envision our family farm as one that embraces innovation, technology, and best practices to maximize efficiency and foster a sustainable future. We strive to provide the best quality and sustainable practices to cultivate nutritious food and products while safeguarding the environment and natural resources. Our commitment to the land, our community, and the health of our family and livestock is paramount to our success. As a small family farm, we’re dedicated to protection and stewardship, through environmental conservation and preservation, simultaneous with economic growth.

What Is the Mission?

Our mission is to glorify God in serving our local North Alabama neighbors with the very best our farm has to offer. This includes pasture raised chicken and turkeys that are naturally and humanely raised, ethically treated, and produced with the highest standards in mind. It is our goal that you eat with confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your farmer personally.

Simple Beginnings

In 2018 our two kids had departed for college and we had a lot of extra time on our hands. I would joke that we’d better find something to do or we were going to have to sit around and talk to each other. So we bought a farm. We purchased 56 beautiful acres just outside of Huntsville to escape the rat race of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a native North Alabamian, and Karen, a native-born Alaskan, longed for the pace and country-living life that North Alabama had to offer. As we started our small family farm, we had personal goals of exercising more, eating better, and, of course, spending more time together.  What was a bit of a surprise was that all three of those goals were going to be wrapped up into one big opportunity to serve our community – farming!

What started off as a healthier approach to provide our family with wholesome, nutrient-dense meat and organically raised vegetables has turned into an incredible adventure to meet and serve the friends and neighbors in our community. What’s even more awesome is that the farm-fresh product we offer is respectful to the animal, regenerative to the land, and incredibly good for you and your family.

A Thankful Heart

As we continue to grow our little farm it is truly awesome to see the support and encouragement from so many here in North Alabama and for that we are extremely grateful. Nowhere else in the country can you find the hospitality that matches the folks here in the South, and it is a great pleasure to call this area home. And even as this area continues to explode and food diversity tightens always know you have a place at our table. Cheers!

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The Killen Family

Brian & Karen Killen